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Pneumatic Glass Laminating High Temperature Autoclave With TPC Control System And Wind Guiding Groove Sieve

Pneumatic Glass Laminating High Temperature Autoclave With TPC Control System And Wind Guiding Groove Sieve

laminated glass autoclave

high temperature autoclave

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Jiangsu, China

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Product Details
Compressed Air
Working Pressure:
Working Temperature:
150 ℃
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
1 set
USD 5,000~50,000 set
Packaging Details
Shipping standard
Delivery Time
45 days
Payment Terms
Supply Ability
30 Sets Per Month
Product Description

Pneumatic Glass Laminating High Temperature Autoclave With TPC Control System And Wind Guiding Groove Sieve


Composite autoclave (series of SN-CGF)


Technical specification

Item design parameter
working diameter 600~6000mm
working length 1000~30000mm
working temperature 100~400 degrees celsius
working pressure 0.6~5Mpa
temeprature unformity ±1.0~±3.0 degrees celsius
temperature accuracy ±1.0 degrees celsius
pressure accuracy ±0.005Mpa
vacuum pressure ≤-0.098Mpa




1. Uniform heat distribution and no blind angle for sterilization;


2. Preheat the process water in the upper storage vessel in advance, shorten the sterilization time and improve the working efficiency;


3. Process water can be used repeatedly, saving energy, time, manpower, and reducing the production cost;


4. Short process time and high temperature preserve food flavor and nutrition;


5. Perfect pressure control system, efficiently avoiding the containers deformation and package break;


6. Continally monitor the temperature inside the retort, keeping the temperature difference ±0.5℃;


7. Siemens PLC automatic control system and touch screen, easy to operate;


8. System will make alarm calls automatically when the temperature, the pressure, the water level, or any other kinds of error occur.


Applicable Scope:


1. Canned Containers: tin can, aluminum can


2. Plastic Container: PP bottle, HDPE bottle


3. Soft package: Aluminum foil bag, transparent bag, vacuum bag, retort pouches, doy-packs, ect.



Description and Working Principle:


The Water Immersion Retort is usually composed of upper vessel and lower vessel. The top one is used to store preheated process water and recycle the hot process water before cooling process. The bottom one is the retort for sterilization.


After the food containers were loaded into the baskets and enter the retort, the preheated process water is delivered into the retort through water spreader on the top of retort, the water level was controlled and monitored by water level gauge outside the retort.


The steam enter the retort through the water spreader or additional steam spreader and heat the process water continually until the temperature rise to scheduled sterilization temperature.


The circulation pump recycle the hot water with a high speed and assure the uniform heat distribution inside the retort.


After the sterilization is completed, the hot water will be recycled to the top tank and stored for next batch sterilization. Then the cooling water will be filled into the retort directly to make the food container cool down.


Olymspan Glass Autoclave


to build system structure, more efficient and reasonable;


type wind guiding groove sieve OLYMSPAN unique design of autoclave,autoclave can balance and strengthen the front and rear important work area so that the airflow,autoclave internal space can achieve excellent temperature uniformity; the bottom duct installed in the heater and cooler,reasonable application of reactor space, thereby reducting the heat and pressure of gas demand. Reduce the operation cost.


High quality timber,high standard manufacturingm safer and more stable


OLYMSPAN autoclave adopts high quality nickel chromium alloy heater,long spanlife,high electric heating conversion rate;hot air circulation fan, using resistance special motor, easy handlyinh, complete elimination of oil leakage, leakage risks; elelctrical control of the use of international well-know brand products, can provide a variety of CSA/3C UL/CE elelctrical safety standard certificates.


Aviation level control, continuous development and updating, more convenient and reliable


OLYMSPAN autoclave is equipped with advanced technology of heat control system(TPC). She drew a cariety a variety of control system at home and aboard the advantages of complete fuction,stable and reliable. 




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