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AAC-1000 Autoclave for Sand Cement Gypsum Brick Voltage 220V 380V AAC Autoclave

AAC-1000 Autoclave for Sand Cement Gypsum Brick Voltage 220V 380V AAC Autoclave

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Product Details
1 Year
Automatic Grade:
Brick Raw Material:
External Dimension:
Design Pressure:
According To Client's Requirement
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
Packaging Details
Delivery Time
Payment Terms
30% advance 70% before delivery
Supply Ability
100 sets per month
Product Description

Product Description:

AAC Autoclave Product Overview

The AAC Autoclave is a type of autoclave specifically designed for the production of AAC (Autoclaved Aerated Concrete) bricks. This autoclave is a key component in the manufacturing process of AAC bricks, as it is responsible for curing and strengthening the bricks to ensure their high quality and durability.

The AAC Autoclave is designed to operate at a pressure of 1.6MPa, making it suitable for the production of strong and sturdy AAC bricks that can withstand various environmental conditions. This high pressure ensures that the bricks are properly cured and have a consistent density and strength.

The raw materials used in the production of AAC bricks are sand, cement, and gypsum. These materials are mixed together to create a lightweight and porous concrete mixture, which is then poured into molds and cured in the AAC Autoclave. The autoclave plays a crucial role in the process, as it uses high pressure and steam to react with the raw materials and form a strong, durable, and lightweight brick.

The AAC Autoclave comes with a 1-year warranty, providing our clients with peace of mind and assurance of the quality of our product. We take pride in the durability and reliability of our autoclave, and we are confident that it will meet the needs and expectations of our customers.

The autoclave is available in two voltage options, 220V and 380V, to cater to the different electrical systems in various countries. This ensures that our product can be used globally, providing efficient and reliable production of AAC bricks in different regions.

The size of the AAC Autoclave can be customized according to the client's requirements. We understand that every production facility has different needs and limitations, so we offer flexibility in the size of our autoclave to fit different production capacities. Our team of experts will work closely with our clients to determine the best size for their specific needs.

In conclusion, the AAC Autoclave is an essential and reliable product for the production of high-quality AAC bricks. With its high design pressure, durable construction, and customizable size, it is a valuable asset for any production facility. Choose the AAC Autoclave for efficient and reliable production of AAC bricks.


  • Product Name: AAC Autoclave
  • Heating Method: Steam Heating
  • Automatic Grade: Automatic
  • Working Pressure: 1.5 Mpa
  • Voltage: 220V|380V
  • Design Temperature: 204 Degrees Celsius
  • Key Features:
    • AAC block autoclave
    • AAC brick autoclave
    • AAC autoclave manufacturer

Technical Parameters:

AAC Autoclave Technical Parameters
AAC Autoclave Type aac autoclave, aac block autoclave, aac brick autoclave
Size According To Client's Requirement
Working Cycle 2-3 Cycles
Capacity 1000 Cubic Meters
Design Temperature 204 Degrees Celsius
External Dimension 32.8m*3.1m*4.0m
Heating Method Steam Heating
Model AAC-1000
Design Pressure 1.6MPa
Brick Raw Material Sand|Cement|Gypsum
Working Pressure 1.5 Mpa


AAC Autoclave by OLYMSPAN

OLYMSPAN's AAC Autoclave is a top-of-the-line product that is specially designed for the production of autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC) blocks. This autoclave is a crucial component in the AAC plant, providing high-quality steam curing for the blocks, resulting in a strong and durable finished product.

Brand Name: OLYMSPAN

Our brand, OLYMSPAN, is renowned in the industry for its high-quality and reliable products. With years of experience and expertise, we are committed to providing top-notch AAC autoclaves that meet the needs and requirements of our clients.

Model Number: 2x31m

The AAC Autoclave by OLYMSPAN comes in the model number 2x31m, which indicates its dimensions. With a length of 62 meters and a diameter of 3.1 meters, this autoclave is suitable for large-scale production.

Place of Origin: China

Our AAC Autoclave is proudly made in China, where we have a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility equipped with the latest technology and machinery. Our team of skilled technicians and engineers ensure that each autoclave is built with precision and accuracy.

Minimum Order Quantity: 1

We understand that every client has unique needs and requirements, which is why we have set the minimum order quantity for our AAC Autoclave at just 1 unit. This allows our clients to purchase the product according to their production capacity and budget.

Packaging Details: nude

Our AAC Autoclave is packaged in a nude form, which means it is not covered or wrapped with any material. This ensures that the product is delivered in its original condition and is ready for installation upon arrival.

Delivery Time: 1 month

At OLYMSPAN, we value our client's time and understand the importance of timely delivery. Therefore, we have set the delivery time for our AAC Autoclave at just 1 month, allowing our clients to plan their production schedule accordingly.

Payment Terms: 30% advance 70% before delivery

We offer flexible payment terms for our clients, where they can pay 30% of the total amount as an advance payment and the remaining 70% before delivery. This allows our clients to have a smooth and hassle-free transaction with us.

Supply Ability: 100 sets per month

With our advanced manufacturing facility and skilled workforce, we have the capability to produce 100 sets of AAC Autoclaves per month. This ensures that we can meet the demand of our clients and provide them with timely delivery.

Heating Method: Steam Heating

Our AAC Autoclave uses steam heating as its primary method for curing the AAC blocks. This ensures that the blocks are cured uniformly and at a constant temperature, resulting in a strong and durable finished product.

Design Temperature: 204 Degrees Celsius

The design temperature of our AAC Autoclave is set at 204 degrees Celsius, which is the optimal temperature for curing AAC blocks. This ensures that the blocks are cured efficiently and achieve their maximum strength.

Working Cycle: 2-3 Cycles

Our AAC Autoclave has a working cycle of 2-3 cycles, which means that it can cure 2-3 batches of AAC blocks in a single day. This allows for high production efficiency and faster turnaround time for our clients.

Model: AAC-1000

Our AAC Autoclave is known as the AAC-1000 model, which is a testament to its high capacity and efficiency. This model is suitable for large-scale production and is designed to meet the demands of our clients.

External Dimension: 32.8m*3.1m*4.0m

The external dimensions of our AAC Autoclave are 32.8m in length, 3.1m in diameter, and 4.0m in height. This makes it a compact and space-saving product, allowing it to be installed in any production plant without taking up too much space.

In conclusion, OLYMSPAN's AAC Autoclave is a versatile and efficient product that is suitable for the production of autoclaved aerated concrete blocks. With its reliable performance and high production capacity, it is a valuable addition to any AAC plant. Contact us today to learn more about our AAC Autoclave and how it can benefit your production process.


Customized Services for OLYMSPAN 2x31m AAC Autoclave

Brand Name: OLYMSPAN

Model Number: 2x31m

Place of Origin: China

Minimum Order Quantity: 1

Packaging Details: nude

Delivery Time: 1 month

Payment Terms: 30% advance, 70% before delivery

Supply Ability: 100 sets per month

Design Temperature: 204 Degrees Celsius

Working Cycle: 2-3 Cycles

Voltage: 220V|380V

Heating Method: Steam Heating

Design Pressure: 1.6MPa

Customized Services for AAC Brick Autoclave

At OLYMSPAN, we understand that every customer has unique needs and requirements. That's why we offer customized services for our 2x31m AAC Autoclave, designed and manufactured in China.

Minimum Order Quantity

We have a minimum order quantity of 1 unit, allowing you to purchase the exact number of autoclaves that you need for your project.

Packaging Details

Our autoclaves are packaged in a nude manner to ensure safe and secure transportation to your location.

Delivery Time

We strive to deliver our products in a timely manner, with an estimated delivery time of 1 month.

Payment Terms

We offer a flexible payment plan, with a 30% advance payment required and the remaining 70% to be paid before delivery.

Supply Ability

With a production capacity of 100 sets per month, we are able to meet the demands of our customers.

Design Temperature

Our AAC Autoclaves are designed to operate at a maximum temperature of 204 degrees Celsius, ensuring efficient and effective curing of your AAC bricks.

Working Cycle

The working cycle of our autoclaves is 2-3 cycles, allowing for multiple batches of AAC bricks to be cured in a timely manner.


Our AAC Autoclaves can be operated at both 220V and 380V, providing flexibility for our customers.

Heating Method

We use steam heating as the primary method of heating in our autoclaves, ensuring consistent and uniform curing of your AAC bricks.

Design Pressure

Our AAC Autoclaves are designed to operate at a pressure of 1.6MPa, ensuring strong and durable AAC bricks.

Choose OLYMSPAN for your AAC Autoclave needs and experience our high-quality customized services. Contact us today to learn more.

Packing and Shipping:

  • Package and Shipping of AAC Autoclave:
  • We use strong wooden cases and wrapping materials to pack our AAC autoclaves to ensure safe transportation and delivery to our customers.
  • Before packaging, we conduct thorough quality checks to ensure that the autoclave is in perfect working condition and free from any defects. This is to ensure that our customers receive the best quality product.
  • We also provide customized packaging options according to our customer's requirements.
  • Our AAC autoclaves are shipped through reliable and trusted shipping companies to ensure timely delivery and safe handling of the product.
  • We provide all necessary documents and certificates required for international shipping, including commercial invoices, packing lists, and certificates of origin.
  • Our team carefully monitors the shipping process to ensure that the product reaches its destination without any damage.
  • We also offer insurance options to provide our customers with peace of mind during the shipping process.
  • For international orders, we provide air or sea freight options according to the customer's preference and budget.
  • We strive to provide efficient and hassle-free packaging and shipping services to our customers to ensure complete satisfaction with our product.

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