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Petroleum Bulk Chemical Storage Tanks Customize 50 Liter

Petroleum Bulk Chemical Storage Tanks Customize 50 Liter

petroleum bulk chemical storage tanks

50 liter bulk chemical storage tanks

50liter chemical tank

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50-30000 liter stainless steel Chemical storage tank sanitary storage vessel cosmetic stainless steel tank water storage


Steel container for storing liquid or gas, customized storage tank of Orinsbond, mainly used in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, metallurgical and other fields; The materials and categories are complete, mainly including carbon steel, stainless steel and special materials. The size, relevant excuse and pressure grade can be customized according to the customer's process requirements.


The storage tank is used to store acid, alkali, alcohol, gas, liquid and other refined chemicals. According to the different materials, it mainly includes polyethylene storage tank, polypropylene storage tank, fiberglass storage tank, ceramic storage tank, rubber storage tank, stainless steel storage tank, etc.


In terms of the cost performance of the storage tank, the steel-lined polyethylene storage tank is now the most superior. It has excellent corrosion resistance, high strength, long service life, etc., and its appearance can be manufactured in many varieties, such as vertical, horizontal, transportation, mixing, etc.

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Due to the different storage media, the forms of storage tanks are also diverse.


Classified by location: it can be divided into aboveground storage tank, underground storage tank, semi-underground storage tank, offshore storage tank, submarine storage tank, etc.


According to the classification of oil products, it can be divided into crude oil tank, fuel oil tank, lubricating oil tank, edible oil tank, fire water tank, etc.


Classification by use: it can be divided into production oil tank, storage oil tank, etc.


Classification by form: it can be divided into vertical tanks, horizontal tanks, etc.

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Classification by structure: it can be divided into fixed roof tank, floating roof tank, spherical tank, etc.


Classification by size: more than 50m3 are large tanks, mostly vertical tanks; The tanks below 50m 3 are small tanks, mostly horizontal tanks.


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