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0.6x0.8M Electric Heating Carbon Fiber Autoclave Small Composite Autoclave With ASME Standard

Good quality Composite Autoclave for sales
Good quality Composite Autoclave for sales



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0.6x0.8M Electric Heating Carbon Fiber Autoclave Small Composite Autoclave With ASME Standard

China 0.6x0.8M Electric Heating Carbon Fiber Autoclave Small Composite Autoclave With ASME Standard supplier
0.6x0.8M Electric Heating Carbon Fiber Autoclave Small Composite Autoclave With ASME Standard supplier 0.6x0.8M Electric Heating Carbon Fiber Autoclave Small Composite Autoclave With ASME Standard supplier 0.6x0.8M Electric Heating Carbon Fiber Autoclave Small Composite Autoclave With ASME Standard supplier 0.6x0.8M Electric Heating Carbon Fiber Autoclave Small Composite Autoclave With ASME Standard supplier

Large Image :  0.6x0.8M Electric Heating Carbon Fiber Autoclave Small Composite Autoclave With ASME Standard

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: OLYMSPAN
Certification: ASME,CE and GB150
Model Number: OL-CO0608

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1set
Price: 50000USD-100000USD
Packaging Details: according to client
Delivery Time: 60-90days
Supply Ability: 10/set/per month
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Detailed Product Description
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industrial autoclave machine


small composite autoclave

0.6x0.8M electric heating carbon firber autoclave with ASME standard




1. Brief Introduction


In the last ten years we have seen the evolution of new materials, with excellent mechanical and physical features. The mechanical resistance, together with the lightness of composite materials, are finding more and more applications. We call composite material the product obtained from the polymerization of carbon fibers and resins, adequately prepared and shaped overlapping coats of fibers and resin on moulds or cores.

The autoclave is a key equipment for hot-pressing shaping of carbon fibers and resin matrix composites ( polyimide, bismaleimide, epoxy resin and thermoplastic resin matrices, etc. ), In fact, the quality of the product is obtained inside the autoclave reaching an increase of mechanical features up to 20-30% compared to other methods of polymerization, which do not foresee the outside pressurization of the product.

The reliability and the precision of the cycles which can be obtained with OLYMSPAN autoclave, allow to reach and keep high quality standards of the product, which is widely used in the high-tech fields such as aerospace, automotive, electronics, weapon, traffic, sports equipments and new type of energy, etc.

2. Basic Data

2-1. Model and Size of the Composite Autoclave

Ø Autoclave model: OL-CO0608

Ø Effective diameter: 600mm

Ø Effective length: 800mm

Definition: * Effective diameter is the workable diameter of the autoclave.

* Effective length is to point to do the actual length of the composite material.

2-2. Production Performance

Ø Product size: max. 600mm x800mm

2-3. Electric Power

Ø Operating Voltage: 220/380VAC, 3P+N+PE, 50/60Hz

Ø Control Power: 220VAC/50Hz/24VDC

2-4. Water and Air supply:

Ø Cooling water consumption: ~2m3/h

Ø Cooling water pressure: min.3 bar ~ max. 6 bar

Ø Control air of control equipment: 5 ~ 7bar

Ø Max. Air source for Autoclave: 15 bar

3. General feature and working process of the autoclave

3-1. General feature

OLYMSPAN Autoclave is a sealed pressure vessel which can be heated by a forced convection heating unit, where temperature, pressure and vacuum can be controlled effectively. By means of an advanced design, consisting of a forced convection fun and motor unit, output heating power system can be adjusted 0-100%,proportional control of the pressurization, cooling and exhaust components. It can obtain an uniform temperature and pressure according to the process curve. Temperature is check in heating, keeping, and cooling phase. The heating/cooling gradients can be set by operator. Pressure is adjusted in pressurization, keeping, release phase.

3-2. Working process

The whole working process of OLYMSPAN Autoclave has 17 segments .In each segment, the value of temperature, pressure, vacuum and segment time can be set and monitored by HIM and PC, and the operation process will be realized by our exclusively developed software which is based on PLC control system to ensure the full automatic operation.OLYMSPAN Autoclave is suitable for manufacturing various composite materials, and it also can guarantee the perfect product quality.






0.6x0.8M Electric Heating Carbon Fiber Autoclave Small Composite Autoclave With ASME Standard



Recipes for example:



0.6x0.8M Electric Heating Carbon Fiber Autoclave Small Composite Autoclave With ASME Standard

Vacu1:minimum vacuum pressure Vac2: maximum vacuum pressure

Press.1: pre-pressure Press.2:final pressure

Temp1:temperature of first segment Temp2: temperature of second segment

Temp3: temperature of third segment Temp4: temperature of forth segment

Temp5: temperature of cooling and release

T1: keeping time of first segment T2:keeping time of second segment

T3: keeping time of third segment T4:keeping time of forth segment


(1) Put the blank of composite materials and the moulds into the vacuum bag, and then put into the autoclave together, finally, start to vacuum, getting the vacuum to the set point: Vacu1

(2) Start heating, Temperature rise to set point:Temp1, at the same time, pressurization, the pressure rise to set point: Press.1, and then starting the first keeping phase , the keeping time is the set point T1.

(3) Completed the first keeping phase, continue to heat, the temperature rise to set point: Temp2, vacuum to Vacu2 or atmospheric pressure, and then began to start the second keeping phase, the keeping time is the set point T2.

(4) Completed the second keeping phase,pressurization, the pressure rise to set point: Press.2.

(5) Continue to heat, temperature rise to set point: Temp3, began to start the third keeping phase, the keeping time is the set point T3.

(6) Completed the third keeping phase,continue to heat,the temperature rise to set point: Temp4,began to start the forth keeping phase, the keeping time is the set point T4.

(7) Completed the forth keeping phase,began to start the cooling stage,Until the temperature dropped to set point:Temp5.

(8) Air release

3-3. Recipe Preview

You can save and

choose different recipe.


0.6x0.8M Electric Heating Carbon Fiber Autoclave Small Composite Autoclave With ASME Standard

3-4. Control System Structure



0.6x0.8M Electric Heating Carbon Fiber Autoclave Small Composite Autoclave With ASME Standard

3-5. Operation specifications

3-5-1 Pressure

Ø Pressurization Medium: Compressed Air

Ø Maximum working pressure::1.5Mpa (15bar)

Ø Maximum design pressure:1.6Mpa (16bar)

Ø Pressurization rate: 0-0.6bar/min average rate from 0 bar to max. working pressure.

Ø De-pressurization rate: 0-0.6bar/min average rates from max. working pressure to 0 bar.

3-5-2 Temperature

Ø Maximum working temperature:240℃

Ø Maximum design temperature of vessel:250℃

Ø Heating rate: 0-3°C/min based on average air temperature from ambient to 180°C and autoclave with 1200Kgs steel.

Ø Cooling rate: 0-3°C/min based on average air temperature from 230°C to 50°C and autoclave with 600Kgs steel.

3-5-3 Vacuum

Ø Limit vacuum: ≤-0.098Mpa

Ø Maximum working vacuum: ≤-0.098Mpa

Ø 8 ways of pumping vacuum

Ø The number of evacuated empty roads is 8

4. Equipment Details

4-1. General Structure


0.6x0.8M Electric Heating Carbon Fiber Autoclave Small Composite Autoclave With ASME Standard


4-2. Pressure vessel

Pressure vessel with quick-opening door, certified to China GB150.

4-3. Quick Closing Doors

Ø The whole system consists of four parts: a pair of gear flange, driven devices, seal ring and high temperature protection system.

Ø Hydraulic operated door opening, closing and locking. It is controlled by PLC system.

Ø The seal ring is made of silicon rubber, high temperature resistance.

Ø It can be manual operated by the switches on the electrical cabinet near the door also.

Ø Door type: Opening left side. (facing the door)

0.6x0.8M Electric Heating Carbon Fiber Autoclave Small Composite Autoclave With ASME Standard

4-4. Insulation System

Ø Insulation:internal insulation

Ø Insulation material:ceramic fiber

Ø Internal sheet metal: stainless steel, 0.7 mm

Ø Insulation thickness:100-150 mm

4-5. Floor supports and rails

Ø Rail loadin,Increased log:400kg,Increased loading can be offered optionally.

Ø Rail type::equal angle steel

Ø Floor loading::400kgading can be offered optionally.

Ø Form of floor supports : riffled plate (4mm)

4-6. Heating System

Ø The heating system consists of three heating zones and the heating elements located in the bottom of the vessel for easy maintenance.

Ø  Electric heating, inconel tubular heaters

Ø Multiple banks controlled via thyristor SCR.

Ø Proportional control, 0-100% output.

Ø The heating process is controlled by temperature

controller, the mode is PID control, and it is

organized by PLC system.

4-7. Pressure components

Ø Inlet and exhaust valve, proportionally controlled, electro-pneumatic adjustable ball valve.

Ø Manual exhaust valve, 3-piece ball valve.

Ø Exhaust silencer (Sounder absorber) makes the noise less than 70DB. 1 pc

Ø Pressure transducer: 1

Accuracy: +/- 50mbar (0.005Mpa)

Ø Pressure gauge:1

Ø Pressure control tolerance:±0.1bar

4-8. Cooling system (heating exchanger)

Ø The heat exchanger is located in the bottom of the autoclave for easy maintenance.

Ø Stainless-steel heat exchanger, all internal wetted parts stainless-steel. Multi-row finned tubing.

Ø Proportionally cooling valve for main cooling control.

Ø Air spray and Mist water valves for pre-cooling control.


4-9. Forced convection system (Air-circulation System)

Ø Hot air channel


OLYMSPAN composite autoclave is different from the conventional autoclaves. It does not require a radial air-duct and instead utilizes the floor as the forward air delivery system. This unique design features decrease the cost for customer, and make the temperature more uniform.

Ø The Motor fan for circulation

The motor is bolted to the body of the autoclave, it drives the fan directly.

Ø Main parameters of circulating motor fan

Power:2.2KW,Frequency conversion control

Connecting format:direct-connected ,

Rated rotate speed:1000r/min(380V/50HZ),

Fan wheel:4# centrifugal impeller,

wind pressure:1100Pa,

Flow rate:6000M3/h.

0.6x0.8M Electric Heating Carbon Fiber Autoclave Small Composite Autoclave With ASME Standard


Ø Shaft sealing and cooling

Fully sealed special motor, bearings with SKF high-temperature series. The structure is easy to maintenance. Working use of water cooling, the shaft water cooling with separate water pump and flow switch to be fitted to monitor water flow and automatically alarm/stop the cycle if there is not enough water flow.


4-10. Temperature monitoring components

Ø Temperature control tolerance:±2.5°C

Ø Air temperature thermocouples: 1 ,fixed

Type-K, including PC monitoring/ control,data-acquisition

Ø Hi-Limit safety thermocouple: 1 fixed

Type-K, including PC monitoring/ control

Ø Part thermocouple:8, can be movable

Type-K, including PC monitoring, data-acquisition, and control.


4-11. Vacuum system

4-11-1 Vacuum source ports: 6 total

4-11-2 Each source port will include:

Ø ½" internal thread pipe joint

Ø PC-controlled vacuum select valve, 3-piece ball valve, stainless-steel.

Ø PC-controlled vent-vent select valve, 3-piece ball valve, stainless-steel.

Ø Stainless-steel tubing, ¼"

4-11-3 Vacuum transducer ports: 6 total

4-11-4 Each Vacuum transducer port will include:

Ø ½" internal thread pipe joint

Ø 3-piece ball valve, stainless-steel

Ø Stainless-steel tubing, ½"

4-11-5 Vacuum Transducer: 8 total

Ø Proof pressure: -1 Bar -16Bar

4-11-6 Vacuum filter: 8 total

For composite curing applications with high volatile content (ie. high-temperature polyimides), the vacuum filter will be much more effective condensing volatiles and solvents during high-temperature curing operations.

4-11-7 Each vacuum source individually controlled, it can be done vacuum and vent. And each will be individual shut off in case of vacuum bag rupture.

4-11-8 Separation of vacuuming and measuring.

4-11-9 Automatic vacuum leakage test before start a circle.


4-12. Control System

Ø The Control System is developed based on the research and development toward composite material field, and it is made up of one PLC for the automatic managing of the process and one PC for the supervision of the system. The operation of the whole system is based on the exclusive developed software package-TPC(Thermal processing control).

Ø Password protected entry access, operator can log into the system by accessing the security login form with a name and password.

Ø Full automatic operation including heating, pressuring, vacuum, vent, cooling and exhaust actions. Monitoring and display run status information, data saving information, integrity check information and run override controls, such as change segment, end run, etc.

Ø Manual operation screen allows operator take manual control temperature, pressure, vacuum, fan, and valves as allowed.

Ø According to the different working process requirement, it can set segment time, control TC, temperature value, temperature rate, vacuum value, pressure value, pressure rate, etc. before curing, and it also can modify the parameter on live operation.

Ø It can choose and save the different curing recipe, display a real time and historical trend of the pressure, vacuum and temperature; storage all processing data and its paperless record function can realize reporting of working curve and process parameters.

Ø It can monitor all actions of devices and the safety system information continuously, such as safety interlock, door closed, door locked and so on.

Ø It has audible and visual alarm system and diagnostic and fault finding screen, including over-temperature and over-pressure alarm and various safety protection functions, such as vacuum leakage, over cure cycle deviations, component failure, etc.

Ø Heating control will allow operator to control from product or air or minimal T/C reading, the TPC has control TC, operator can choose air TC, High TC, or low TC.

Ø TPC has calibration and certification screen for all of sensors. Calibration is normally required whenever a sensor value is inaccurate when compared to a certified standard.

Ø Customer can operate register, login and typing in product information, and realize intranet or remote control.

Ø It can realize data output, printing, analyzing requirements to improve product quality.

Ø UPS (uninterruptible power supply), power:1000VA


4-13. Safety systems:

Ø Mechanical and electrical interlocks for door closure, door closed and locked proof of position, the autoclave can not be opened when pressure in the autoclave higher than 0.2 bar.

Ø It will be auto-alarm when facing over-temperature or over-pressure; auto drop the temperature when over temperature, and auto-release when over pressure.

Ø It has emergency valve for pressure release.

Ø Pressure safety relief valve, certified to China GB150

Ø Low supply air pressure alarm, low pressure switch and low pressure relief...

Ø Circulation fan motor tripped indication.

Ø Man in autoclave-safety device to cut off the total autoclave operation.

Ø Audio visual alarm when door opening closing is in operation.

Ø Emergency stop push button to abort the cure cycle all pressure control valves, depressurization control valves, main cooling will fail to safe.


4-14. Paint

OLYMSPAN autoclave will be primed and painted high-gloss "Dark Blue" color. Customer

requested color can be quoted optionally.


5. Main technical data and price of composite autoclave

No. Description Unit Specifications and Parameters
1 Effective Working Diameter mm 600
2 Effective Working Length mm 800
3 Design Pressure Mpa 1.6
4 Max. Working Pressure Mpa 1.5
5 Max. Pressurization Rate (average) bar/min 0.06
6 Max. Depressurization Rate (average) bar/min 0.06
7 Safety valve exhaust Mpa 1.55
8 Design Temperature 250
9 Max. Working Temperature 240
10 Max. Heating Rate(Air average) ℃/min 3.0
11 Max. Cooling Rate (Air average) ℃/min 3.0
12 Thermal load during test Kg 400kg steel
13 Temperature uniformity at steady state ±2
14 External shell temperature at max. temperature <60
15 Quick opening Door Mode ----  hydraulic
16 Working Medium ----  Compressed Air
17 Heating Mode ----  Electric(Convection+Radiation )
18 Heater ----  inconel tubular heaters
19 Heating Power KW 15
20 Quantity of Circulating Fan Motor Set 1
21 Power of Circulating Fan Motor KW 2.2
22 Thermocouple type ----  Type K
23 Air Temperature Thermocouples Piece 2
24 Part Temperature Thermocouples Piece 8
25 Quantity of Pressure Transducer Piece 1
26 Vacuum Lines Piece 8
27 Quantity of Vacuum Probe Piece 8
28 PLC-controlled valves on each vacuum line ---  Vacuum and Vent
29 max. Vacuum Pressure Mpa -0.098
30 Standard Control Mode ---  PLC+PC
31 Control Software ---  Thermal Processing Control (TPC)
33 Insulation Type ---  Internal
34 Insulation Material --- Ceramic fiber
35 Insulation Thickness mm 100-150
36 Insulation Sheet metal ---  Stainless Steel
37 Working environment temperature Min.—20℃,max +45℃
38 Working environment humidity ---  <60%
39 Power supply ---  220/380VAC, 3P+N+PE, 50/60Hz
40 Weight Kg ~1500



6. The TPC control system (Thermal process control)

6-1 Brief introduction of TPC

The autoclaves components and sensors will be monitored and controlled by the TPC control system. TPC is the Windows XP version of OLYMSPAN’s computerized control software. TPC was developed by OLYMSPAN in 2006 to be a single software control placer for most autoclave applications.

6-2 Superior Control is Your Key to Performance

Most will agree that in the world of composites manufacturing, the control system is a key component to assuring autoclave performance, usability, and reliability. Even the best autoclave will be crippled by a poor performing control system, especially when processing large volumes of composites. Because of this fact, OLYMSPAN has focused a large portion of our R&D efforts on our control software and the features/capabilities that can improve processing performance, reliability, and lean manufacturing in autoclaves.

6-3 TPC Software – Features and Capabilities

The autoclave will be controlled by proven TPC computerized control software, configured in either a single PC or in a primary and backup architecture (optional).

Ø Ease of use - Even though TPC is by far the most advanced control software product on the market, the software is still very easy to use. All screens and features are designed to maximize usability and increase operator efficiency. For example, part entry, leak-tests, and other pre-run operations have been stream-lined to reduce the "door open" times of equipment.

Ø Security- TPC Software include the ability as follow:

l To create user accounts for each operator, supervisor, or engineer.

l To assign specific and independent permissions and restrictions to each user.

l To track user login and logout operations, including time stamping

l To program an auto-logout after a specific period of operator inactivity.

Ø Excellent reliability – TPC is designed as a client-server package with proven reliability in the field. It is unacceptable to OLYMSPAN and to our customers to have control applications that "lock up", and that is why TPC is designed and tested to meet stringent up-time specifications. Many of our TPC single-PC systems are controlling multiple pieces of equipment for years without any major trouble incident. The production-time of TPC is far better than all competitive products.

Ø Auto-Redundancy (optional) – TPC supports 100% redundancy of operations and data by means of a second PC. In a TPC Level II and III systems, two PCs are used for primary and backup control of the equipment. In the highly unlikely event of primary PC failure, the backup PC will take control and continue the run(s) seamlessly. The backup PC will also have a complete backup copy of the data up until and after the primary PC failure. During normal operation, both PCs can be utilized for viewing and/or operation.

Ø Advanced Cure Control - OLYMSPAN is the leader in design and implementation of advanced controls for the curing of composites in autoclaves of China. The TPC software contains hundreds of options designed specifically to enhance the product quality. These include advanced recipe control, control by air temperature, control by part temperature, controlled by part gradient, controlled by air gradient, exothermic control, and other material properties, pro-active control, and many others.

Ø Comprehensive Reporting - TPC has an extensive reporting capability that if far more powerful and flexible than those provided with other packages. You can select specific runs by database query and view and/or print trend date in color plot format, numeric logs, pass/fail reports, message logs, and a host of other formats. On-screen zooming and panning on the trend view is also supported.

Ø Remote Control/Viewing - TPC is the only package capable of being viewed and control by multiple PCs on a single customer network. Unlike other competing products which utilize PC-Anywhere to "take control" of the equipment PC, TPC allows concurrent operation and viewing of the process by operators, engineers, QA/QC personnel, and managers on the network. As many as 10 concurrent clients are supported.

Ø Up to Date - TPC is maintained and updated regularly to provide the most up to date features and capabilities as requested by our users.



6-4 Sample Screen Images

The following screen images are provided for a typical OLYMSPAN composite autoclave implementation.

0.6x0.8M Electric Heating Carbon Fiber Autoclave Small Composite Autoclave With ASME Standard

0.6x0.8M Electric Heating Carbon Fiber Autoclave Small Composite Autoclave With ASME Standard

0.6x0.8M Electric Heating Carbon Fiber Autoclave Small Composite Autoclave With ASME Standard

7,Configurations of composite autoclave

Ø PC: Dell

Ø PLC: Siemens

Ø Main electrical component : Schneider

Ø Shell: GB 150 certificate China standard OLYMSPAN,CHINA

Ø Heater : Electric heating inconel tubular heaters.

Ø Insulation material: Ceramic fiber

Ø Protect armor: Stainless steel

Ø Heating exchanger:304 stainless-steel, XUELANG, China


Ø Electro-pneumatic adjustable ball valve: YAMATAKE, Japan

Ø PID controller : Omron ,Japan

Ø Limited Switch: Omron ,Japan

Ø Special Motor: OLYMSPAN, China

Ø Thermocouple: OMEGA

Ø Pressure transducer: Honeywell

Ø Vacuum pump: BUSCH.

8. Packing

8-1. The equipment will be properly packed / wrapped considering long-distance ocean and land transportation and rough handling that may happen in the absence of both parties.

8-2. Proper protection from moisture, rust, mold, scratches, shaking, etc, will be taken so that the goods may arrive at the installation site in good condition.

8-3. Shipping marks and warning signed will be clearly painted, and detailed packing list (in

English) will be soundly attached, to the outside of the packing.

9. Delivery, Installation and Quality Guarantee

9-1. Delivery

The delivery period is 90days after receiving down-payment; but does not include shipping time!

9-2. Installation

9-2-1 The installation and commissioning takes 1 person x 20 days (max.) under Buyer’s assistance. Production training is carried out during the same period.

9-2-2 The international travelling cost, including round-trip air tickets, insurance, boarding and meals of the Seller’s service team should be charged to the buyer.

9-3. Quality Guarantee

The Seller provides 14 months quality guarantee, during which the Seller is responsible for all equipment failures due to inferior quality, improper design or services.

10. Workshop View

0.6x0.8M Electric Heating Carbon Fiber Autoclave Small Composite Autoclave With ASME Standard


The contract value shall be paid by the buyer to the seller in the following ways:

1. 30% of total value will be paid by T/T as down payment.

2. 70% before come out of factory.

Alternate terms may be considered, though modification of terms may affect overall price of system.

12. Service terms

12.1 Service before sale:

Provide relative technical data for customer choosing equipments. Design floor plan, basic general drawing and quotation.

12.2 Service in sale:

After the contract working, we will execute each item and keep relevant standards strickly in every manufacturing process. Keep in touch with customer and make sure that craft, quality and technology could meet the requirements.

12.3 Service after sale:

Help customer for installation and training at site. Maintenance and repair for one year. Customer should pay for the round-trip flight ticket and accommodation.

13. Quotation Validity

Our quotation will be available in 30 days after we send it you by a formal way: fax, email or courier.


14. More terms and conditions will be explained in the final contract.



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