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Horizontal small composite autoclave

Horizontal small composite autoclave

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Horizontal small composite autoclave


Horizontal Small Compound High Pressure Reactor

The horizontal small compound high pressure reactor is a versatile and efficient laboratory equipment used for various chemical reactions under high pressure conditions. It is specifically designed to handle small volumes of samples and offers precise control over temperature, pressure, and stirring.

Key Features:
1. Compact Design: The reactor is designed in a horizontal configuration, allowing for easy installation and operation in limited laboratory spaces.
2. High Pressure Capability: The reactor is capable of operating at high pressure conditions, up to XX bar, ensuring efficient and reliable reactions.
3. Precise Temperature Control: The integrated temperature control system enables accurate regulation of reaction temperatures, providing optimal conditions for reactions.
4. Stirring System: The reactor is equipped with a powerful stirring system, ensuring thorough mixing and uniform distribution of reactants, enhancing reaction efficiency.
5. Safety Features: The reactor is equipped with various safety features, including pressure relief valves and temperature sensors, ensuring safe operation and preventing any potential hazards.
6. Easy Operation: The reactor is user-friendly, with a simple control panel for easy operation and monitoring of reaction parameters.
7. Versatile Applications: The reactor is suitable for a wide range of applications, including organic synthesis, material synthesis, and catalysis studies.

Overall, the horizontal small compound high pressure reactor offers a reliable and efficient solution for conducting chemical reactions under high pressure conditions in a laboratory setting. Its compact design, precise control over temperature and pressure, and versatile applications make it an ideal choice for researchers and scientists.


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